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Buy Your Room in Mayapur Dham

Gita Bhavan at Mayapur-

Lakshmi Govinda Das: Dear Devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The spiritual city of Mayapur is expanding. Every year the number of pilgrims are increasing, and with it there is a growing demand for safe and comfortable accommodations within the campus. During the festival season, all the guest houses (inside and outside the temple) are totally occupied and many devotees are left with their booking requests denied. We receive feedbacks often requesting us to build more quest houses. Now, we are happy to announce the upcoming construction of gita bhavan, located west site to the Vamsi Bhavan. This deluxe guest house will be the first of its kind, offering many on site facilities for the convenience of its guests.

Golden Opportunity :

Now for a limited time, we are offering an opportunity for temple devotees,
congregational members, Gita Study Course Devotees and Life Members to
become lifetime room donors and have exclusive access to their rooms 60 days
in a year-free of charge. Different Yatras are also welcome to become
donors, so they can provide accommodation for their devotees and members.
Only a selected number of rooms are available.
Do not miss out on this opportunity to have your very own place in Mayapur
for the rest of your file.

Terms and conditions :

1. Rooms can be used by the donor, or their invited guests, for a total of
60 days every year including the period of Gaura Purnima Festival.

2. The donor must inform the guest house reception at least 2 weeks in
advance of any intended period of stay.

3. Rooms can be used only during the lifetime of the donor. In case of
organizations / Yatras, rooms can be used be used by the/ their members of
25 years.

4. During the rest of the year, the room may be used to facilitate other

For more details please contact :

Bhakti Purusottama Swami, Mobile : +91-9434506434,Fax : +91 3472 245238, +91
3472 245415, E-mail : bps@pamho.net

Venudhari Das, Mobile : +91 9434760402, E-mail : venudhari das.jps@pamho.net

Lakshmi Gobinda das, Mobile : +91 9735212358/7699327874, gitaacademy@pamho.net /

Download the useful documents –

(a)  Gita Bhaban form  (PDF)

(b) Bank-Account-Details  (PDF)

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